Sports at PCCA

Bringing God Glory

Isaiah 43:7 states that God created man for His glory. Therefore, our first priority on the court is to glorify God (I Cor. 10:31), which is accomplished through sportsmanship (Philippians 2:14; Ex. 23:1-5) and hard work (Col. 3:23; Neh. 3).

Building Character

The building of character, namely self-discipline, is a crucial aspect of sports. It is our desire that players would develop a strong emotional intelligence and work ethic as a result of their time on the court.

Respecting Rivals

Fellowship between our athletes and their “rivals” is also encouraged. This provides an opportunity to build relationships, helping players develop the ability to compete against someone while demonstrating respect and camaraderie. This desire for fellowship has led our athletic department to organize tournaments that foster relationships between student-athletes across the state.

Boys Basketball

Varsity & Junior High

Head Coach: Jared Bender
Assistant Coach: Nathanael McCarville

Girls Volleyball

Varsity & Junior High

Head Coach: Tressa Bender
Assistant Coach: Chelsea Terry

Spring Intramurals

Volleyball: 4th-6th girls
Basketball: 4th-6th boys