Music at PCCA

We endeavor to instill in our students a love for appropriate and beautiful music that will please God and encourage others.

Equipping Christians

We believe that all students should learn to read vocal music so that they can join in corporate Christian worship the rest of their lives. We also help our students develop confidence in using their skills to minister to others by creating a variety of performance opportunities for them.

Fostering Spiritual Growth

Since “things learned in song are remembered long,” we lean towards using vocal music that will (1) help students when they are tempted to sin, (2) instill in them biblically accurate doctrine, and (3) help them develop a biblical world view. We use private music lessons as an opportunity to help our students develop areas such as perseverance, attention to detail, and setting and achieving goals.

Training Leaders

By God’s grace we hope our school will equip skillful musicians to lead the next generation in conservative corporate worship. The best musicians are those who have so mastered their instrument that it has become a natural extension of their being. Such mastery allows for great freedom to express and communicate. This kind of mastery comes as a result of years of perseverance.

Emphasizing God’s Glory

We want to help our students focus on the glory of God rather than either the praise of man or the fear of man. With great musical mastery comes strong temptation towards pride. With a lesser level of mastery comes the temptation to burry one’s talent out of fear that it isn’t good enough. Since neither of these extremes glorifies God,  we train our students to use their talents (however small or great they may be) for God’s glory and not their own.

Secondary Orchestra

Secondary students have the opportunity to be a part of our school orchestra. This ensemble is a lot of fun and helps students develop the art of listening when they play. Students must work hard and apply themselves diligently, but the results are rewarding and well worth it!

Secondary Choir

How kind God is to give every person their own unique built-in instrument! Students need to train and practice their voice just as they would any other instrument. Our secondary choir gives student the opportunity to blend their voices together. This group prepares music for special chapel services, missions conference, competitions, and ministering to the community.

Private Lessons

Students have the opportunity to take private music lessons at PCCA during the school day.

Benefits of PCCA lessons:

1. In-school lessons conveniently help to free up family schedules by reducing the need to drive around town.

2. Lessons are taught by Christian musicians with a heart for ministry.

3. Lessons are economical. We try to keep our cost low while at the same time taking care of our private teachers.

FABA Competition

Each spring we take our our older students to Indianapolis to compete against other schools in our association. FABA stands for Fine Arts, Bible, and Academics.

High school students compete in March.

5th-8th grade students compete in April.

As our students prepare for competition, faculty members have the opportunity to mentor them and encourage them to achieve their best potential.

By God’s grace many of our students have done very well, winning 1st place in areas such as academic testing, speech, choral group, orchestra, and instrumental solo categories. Some of our students have even placed on the national level at the AACS competition.

Music Festival

Our advanced students have benefited from a special trip we take to to Maranatha Baptist University for their annual Great Lakes Music Festival. This festival packs a number of rehearsals and performance into a quick weekend excursion in January. Students have the opportunity to get involved in orchestra, band, men’s/ladies’ ensemble, and piano tracks. All students are part of a gigantic festival choir as well.