Preschool & Kindergarten


Plum Creek Christian Academy provides 2-day, 3-day, and 5- day attendance options for our preschool students. Students are eligible to enroll in preschool if they are four years of age before December 1st. Our preschool program lays a solid foundation spiritually and academically that prepares students for success in kindergarten.

Students in the K-4 program are taught using the Abeka curriculum. We provide an academic foundation in letters and numbers developed through a variety of direct instruction, hands-on learning games, and fun activities. Academic content includes Bible instruction, phonetic reading training, handwriting skills, and number concept development. Students also have a variety of lessons in science, social studies, music, poetry, and art/crafts. Academic learning takes place during the 8:30-11:30 time. Students who stay until 2:45 will eat lunch, rest, play review games, and engage in activities to encourage motor skill development.


Plum Creek Christian provides enrollment options for both half-day and full-day kindergarten. Students wishing to enroll in kindergarten must be five years old by December 1st. Half-day students receive the full academic content scheduled for the school day, ending their day at noon. Students remaining until 2:45 enjoy lunch, an additional recess, music class, and review games.

Our kindergarten program teaches students to love Jesus and equips learners with a solid academic foundation. Each day, our students participate in a Bible class where they memorize scripture, sing songs, and listen to a Bible lesson from the Old or New Testament. Our “back to the basics” approach to learning includes a systematic phonics program that develops independent, confident readers. Plum Creek Christian instructs kindergarten students in cursive penmanship that not only teaches students to write their own name, but whole sentences in cursive. Arithmetic class focuses on basic addition, telling time, counting money, and solving story problems. Students explore the world around them in science class as they begin to understand God’s plan for the universe. The Social Studies class introduces students to community helpers, early American history, the cultures of 12 different countries, and basic geography skills. Learning games and student activities enhance all classroom learning and are an important part of the kindergarten program.


Scope & Sequence

Preschool Scope & Sequence

Kindergarten Scope & Sequence