Our mission is to please and glorify God by fulfilling the great commission in the lives of our students and preparing them to serve God with an excellent testimony.

Our Three-Pronged Approach

Glorifying God

Christian education glorifies God while giving students the best foundation for life. We seek to turn hearts toward the Lord and develop minds to serve Him.

Since matters of the heart are often influenced more by example than instruction, our faculty seeks to both teach truth and model morality. Students learn the biblical foundation for character, virtue, and proper relationships as they study the Word of God.

At Plum Creek Christian, we rigorously pursue excellent academics for the glory of God. Because solid intellectual training equips children to serve God effectively, our Christ-honoring curriculum emphasizes essentials. Vital lessons in reading, writing, and arithmetic are supplemented with the pursuit of disciplines like music, drama, technology, and physical education.

Partnering with Parents

Parents have the God-given privilege to teach their children how to live. We desire to come alongside parents and assist them in this serious responsibility.  Our job is to help pass on the knowledge, skills, and values of one generation to the next so that the children do not go in a different direction from their parents, just farther in the same direction.

Partnership between parents and teachers can only succeed when they work together. This combined effort requires not only unity of purpose but also regular communication. We interact with parents so that they will know exactly what their children are learning and be able to coordinate their efforts with the teacher’s. Parents receive class work and test papers to examine as well as progress reports, newsletters, phone calls, and conferences. This steady stream of communication is intended to strengthen the relationship between home and school to achieve the best possible result for the student.

Loving Children

Children, like young plants in sunshine, flourish in an environment saturated with love. Our teachers have a heart for children and show personal interest in their development as individuals.

This love for children creates a friendly place where students can enjoy coming to school in the safe, wholesome atmosphere we work hard to protect. Teaching students to be kind to each other and respectful to authority further enhances the growing conditions at Plum Creek Christian. Students make good friends and benefit from the clear instruction of our devoted and well-qualified faculty.

Our love for students also has a direct impact on the lessons that are taught in every subject. We make it a priority to open the eyes of the learner to the glory and wisdom of God while shielding students from much of the vice in our society. We aim to foster an attitude of wonder at the works of God and carefully preserve the best parts of youthful simplicity. This translates into classes that challenge the students academically while making learning fun.