Christian Education with Christian Books

Because of the indelible impact books have, we at Plum Creek Christian take very seriously the responsibility to choose the books that our impressionable students use at school. Our two primary criteria are the philosophy of the author/publisher and the quality of the academics.

It is impossible to write in a philosophical vacuum. The worldview, assumptions, and biases of an author shape him as much as he shapes his book. Therefore, intentionally or otherwise, an author always preaches some set of values in – or between – the lines of his text. In a Christian school, the philosophy that permeates all the textbooks should be in line with the clear teaching of Scripture especially regarding God, mankind, and truth.

Middle School & High School Curriculum

In addition to using textbooks from A Beka Book, for middle school and high school we often use other publishers for certain subjects. Most commonly we use other publishers for Bible and Math. Often we've used Saxon Math for the upper grades, and various publishers for Bible such as Regular Baptist Press.

As our school grows, we enjoy having the liberty to choose the best textbooks that will challenge our middle and high school students, enabling them to learn and be stretched beyond the mediocre.