Welcome to Plum Creek Christian Academy & Preschool! Our love for children, excellent teachers, and faithโ€‘based curriculum provides a wholesome atmosphere in which your child will thrive! We invite you to schedule a tour so that we can show you all that PCCA has to offer you and your family.

Our mascot, the Explorer, represents our desire to investigate and understand new frontiers of knowledge. Explorers do not shrink from challenges or fear the unknown. Rather, they boldly stride forward to gain new heights and achieve great things for the glory of God and the benefit of mankind.

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How much does your school cost?

We work hard to keep our tuition affordable. While there are many factors, the average cost is around $450/month per student. Prices can be found HERE.

Do you accept vouchers?

We do not accept vouchers but try to keep our tuition as affordable as possible.

Do you have to be a church member?

We are an open enrollment school, and while we encourage families to be actively involved in a local church, it is not a requirement for enrollment.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is around 20.

Are you accredited?

Yes. PCCA is accredited through the American Association of Christian Schools.

Are your teachers certified?

Yes, all of our full-time elementary and secondary faculty are certified by the AACS (view faculty).

Do you have a sports program?

We offer girlsโ€™ volleyball and boysโ€™ basketball for 7th-12th, as well as intramural volleyball and basketball for 4th-6th (see sports page).

Do you have music opportunities?

We offer in-school private music lessons, music class for all kindergarten through 6th grade, and secondary choir and orchestra (see music page).ย 


“We love this school! I truly can’t say enough good things. My daughter has been attending since pre-K and has learned more in their curriculum than any of our friend’s children in their districts. We love that they instill values that we encourage in our own home. The staff goes above and beyond for the students. We love our Plum Creek!”
– Anita | Highland, IN


Great education. Great price. Both kids get along with their classmates and teachers. Teachers are always available to discuss issues that a child may have. New elementary building looks really nice inside.
– Parent


I have been bringing my children here for 3 years. I Love the teachers. I canโ€™t express the care they have shown my boys. I have a calm boy and a very energetic one and they recognize each childโ€™s individuality and help them learn their boundaries and respect for each other in healthy, patient ways. They are beyond reasonable with costs and have so much care for the children. Iโ€™ve never NOT seen a smile on their faces. Great quality education. You feel reassured and comfortable dropping your kids off. They are also always available to meet and work with you if you have questions or concerns.
– Ruth | Dyer, IN


My daughter started here for Pre-K-4 and I could not be more impressed with the school, staff, and curriculum. I am beyond happy with Plum Creek and she will continue to attend this school as well as my other daughter who will begin preschool in the fall. They have been so accommodating and understanding throughout this hectic year, and not once did I question their decisions. I am beyond happy with my decision to send my daughters here and know they are getting an exceptional education and learning good morals which are taught by example from all the staff at Plum Creek.
– Joanna | St. John, IN


The teachers are caring, experienced, and genuinely gifted at engaging and teaching children. Every day we are grateful to see how Plum Creek is helping our child grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Definitely recommend.
– Jeremy | Dyer, IN


This is an amazing school! Our son is getting an excellent education. It is evident that the leadership and teachers genuinely care about our children. We also know that they are praying for our children. We really love and appreciate all of the leadership and staff. We are sincerely grateful to the Pastors who started this excellent school to serve our God. God truly has His hand on Plum Creek Christian Academy.
– Charlotte | Gary, IN


Awesome School. Awesome teachers and staff that only want the best for the kids. Very nice facilities. The most economical private school around and one of the best!
– Tim | Crown Point, IN


This school is amazing! Staff are genuine, hard-working and care about each one of the students. Rates are affordable and the curriculum is top notch. My kids thrive here.
– Parent


Love this school! Both my kids have gone to their preschool and now their elementary school. Very kind principle, teachers are friendly, and the school has good, Godly standards. My four-year-old daughter was reading four-letter-words and sentences by the end of her preschool year. She is very well prepared for kindergarten.
– Rebekah | Crown Point, IN


LOVE this school! The staff is so kind and nurturing and they teach the kids a great level of independence. When initially choosing a preschool for my first son, their curriculum was the best out of other preschools in the area. What he learned in Preschool was more advanced than what other schools offered in a grade above. By the time he was in kindergarten, he was way more than prepared and beyond the state standards because of Plum Creek. The best part was how he was fully reading longer books with multiple sentences on each page months before entering kindergarten. I believe Plum Creek is what laid the best foundation for him and gave him a head start on skills he is still using several years later. There was no other choice of a school for my second son and he already has learned more than I could have imagined in his first year. I can’t wait to see how much more he grows in his second year!
– Ghadeer | Schererville, IN


This school surpasses any and all expectations we could ever dream of! The staff is AMAZING! We love our PCCA! Our daughter has not only been given an education incomparable to any other institution but has been given the best foundations in morality! This school truly believes in fostering the whole-child and are experts in their field!!
– Anita | Highland, IN


Love, love, LOVE this school and the faculty! I recommend this school to everyone I talk to.
– April | St. John, IN


Love this school…faculty and staff are so friendly…definitely recommend it, and its affordable.
– Emily


We stumbled upon PCCA while searching for a solid Christian school for our preschool-aged daughter. We did not know anyone who attended the school, but we were encouraged by what we saw on the website. We were very impressed at our first meeting/tour and decided that day to enroll her. It turned out to be a wonderful decision. Our daughter had the best first year of school we could have hoped for. She learned so much academically and grew leaps and bounds socially. Her teacher not only taught but loved and nurtured as well. We look forward to many more years at PCCA and highly recommend it to anyone seeking an exceptional school.
– Karen | Dyer, IN


Plum Creek has an amazing community. All the teachers here support and care about you. We get a great education which can be tough, but everyone helps us each step of the way.
– Senior


Excellent academics. Caring teachers. Feels like family.
– Parent