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1. Because Christian character is not learned by accident.

2. Because it is essential that  your children develop a fully Christian worldview.

3. Because you want your children to strive for excellence.

4. Because school should be a safe place physically, mentally, and spiritually.

5. Because you want your student in an environment that supports traditional, Christian virtues.

6. Because you want competent teachers who are also loving role models of godly living.

Why Choose PCCA?

Children usually spend more than 12,000 hours at school each year. Spending that amount of time anywhere has a deep impact on the development of young people, making school choice one of the most important decisions a parent makes. With that in mind, why would you consider bringing your child to PCCA?

This school is amazing! They truly are there for your child and care for your child the way you would! Highly recommend!

My four-year-old daughter was reading four-letter-word sentences by the end of her K-4 year. She is very well prepared for kindergarten.

This school gave Adam such a great start that we wanted the same for Eli.

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